Innovative creations for all


MAPAE offers innovative solutions to companies and individuals, to improve their visibility over the internet, in web or mobile mode.

See some examples of achievements : Notre-Grand-Debat

A site proposed for the sake of citizen and voluntary contribution, as an alternative to the French government website.

A very simple contributive space, without even a preliminary registration, and all participations are communicated to the competent authorities. Vignette-Anti-Taxe

A site designed to meet the need of millions of French people in the context of the Yellow Vests movement.

Stickers in the form of Yellow Vest vignettes, to support the movement in its fierce fight against excess taxes. 1 address 4 u

This site is made to meet your expectations if you want to offer a short address to your visitors, for the easiest possible access to your site or service on the internet, or for any other reason like for example sending short links on twitter or social networks.

It's totally free and very fast, for example by connecting directly with your Facebook account. Checkers-Game

This site, dedicated to the checkers, is made to allow you to find opponents and to play online with them for free.

2 rules are proposed, the international game one and the standard US checkers one. You can freely choose one rule or the other and play in 2 game rooms. Gif-Mania

This site allows anyone to create free animated signatures with a large choice of fonts, text colors, figurines... Anyone can also use his own figurine, animated or not.

Each created signature can be downloaded, saved into the personal space of the user, or sent by email into a customized message. Jigsaw-Puzzles

A large choice of jigsaw puzzles to play online for free. Anyone can also create a new puzzle from one of his own images or photos.

Everyone can compete with others with his playing time.

Each puzzle can also be sent as a postcard by email.